Scoring Wisdom and Best Song at Manhattan Film Festival

Pacific International’s Michael Flanders and Siobhan Magnus’s Title Track for the film Wisdom has won ‘Best Song’ at the Manhattan Film Festival!

Michael Flanders is Pacific International Music’s Producer/Composer and Co-founder.  Michael grew up in Australia but is based in Tennessee.  He was in New York City for the Festival and the first screening of the film The Wisdom to Know the Difference.  Michael was humbled to be involved in such a project.  This was the first ever feature film that Michael has been involved in scoring.

When asked just over a year ago by Daniel Baldwin, the films director and star, to be involved in scoring the film, Michael recalled Daniel saying “this is my Slingblade” and Michael replied “I totally get you as I’m a Daniel Lanois fan!” (Daniel Lanois scored Billy Bob Thornton’s Slingblade).  It was a off to a good start right from the beginning!

Michael Flanders worked with Kane Harrison on the Wisdom score, previously having produced Kane’s first album.

On July 3rd 2014 Wisdom won Best Feature Film and Best Song at the Manhattan Film Festival, with the Best Song  having been composed by Siobhan Magnus (American Idol Season 9) and Michael Flanders.

Photo above from left to right: Kane Harrison, Daniel Baldwin, Commissioner Gordon Williams, Michael Flanders and Marc Cerutti at the Manhattan Film Festival 3 July 2014.

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