Apr 3, 2014 Robert Mackay

PIM records XFactor singer Justin Stanley

Bundaberg singer Justin Stanley has an amazing story – going on XFactor with the hope of being seen by his children who disappeared with his x after they broke up.  Justin is a great Country singer and he is recording an album with PIM which will be out in a couple of months.

The PIM studio at Harvey Bay has been designed to help relax artists so the recording process goes smoothly and I’m able to bring out the best in artists.  Most people come here ‘shit scared’ and once they see the lake and chill out with a cup of tea they start to loosen up and I can get the best out of them.  The place overlooks a beautiful lake and is much more like a home than a studio.  Artists can kick back in breaks, use the kitchen, hang out around the lake.  It really is a cool place to make music.

Apr 3, 2014 Michael Flanders

Sliding a hand-shake in with Ry

Ry Cooder is my all time hero and at the Tony Rice Benefit Concert last Tuesday at Nashville I took a deep breath and walked straight into the backstage area, walked straight up to Ry and shook his hand!  So stoked.

Apr 3, 2014 Michael Flanders

REDD single in PIM studio

My son, Ben, has been producing for artist REDD, from Detroit Michigan for sometime now.  Here’s a clip, shot by 3 Hat Media in Nashville, of the Boys playing live.  This track will be on REDD’s upcoming release.
Commisioner Gordon Williams of ( Amy Winehouse/Lauryn Hill fame) has expressed interest in the act and we are hoping for a SONY release 2014.


Apr 3, 2014 Michael Flanders

Songwriting for Gal Friday

Wrote this song with Danny Simpson and Laurie Wilson for Gal Friday .  What do you think?  LAuren Wilson performed this at the Visulite Theatre, Charlotte NC. Pretty rockin’?